Skillz with my skillet!

I am so in love with my cast iron skillet! I have created so many dishes with it over the weekend that I can’t wait to share with yall. I am so inspired to keep using it. I suggest everyone go out right now and get one. They can be expensive but you could always bargain shop at local yard sales and catch a good deal. You can make just about anything in a cast iron skillet. I thankfully got all of mine passed down to me from my amazing mom. 



I wanted to add some flair to my dinner and saw my amazing cast iron skillet just sitting there begging me to fire it up. So I cut up some asparagus and yellow squash and threw some coconut oil in the pan and let the veggies saute. I also added some diced garlic to give them some extra flavor. To top this dish off I added salt and lemon pepper and tossed the veggies around. I was so impressed with myself that I will be cooking all of my veggie this way from now on.

Lemon Pepper “stir fry”


yellow squash

3 cloves of garlic

lemon pepper

salt to taste 



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