The Oxford Exchange

I had such a wonderful experience today at The Oxford Exchange Restaurant. I had lunch with one of my closet friends Beverly. She always has the most amazing places to eat. Well she has hit the jackpot again! I always enjoy spending time with her and when we add amazing food into the mix it becomes even better. We spend more time talking then we do eating but we are both ok with that. We always have so much to talk about and catch up on. She is the reason I even started this blog, she is so encouraging.

Well as I mentioned we went to this breathtakingly amazing restaurant called The Oxford Exchange. It has bookstore and a gift shop, you can never go wrong with either! The decor is gorgeous even their bathrooms are amazing! Ok enough about that lets get down to the food, not only  is everything amazing but its local and organic! I didn’t find this out until the end but it made me love it even more. We both ordered a taste bud exploding chicken burger with a side of spicy sweet potato fries. I fell in love at first bite. 



For desert we had Cappuccinos and they were also amazing. Needless to say I allowed myself to have a cheat day and boy was it worth it!



5 thoughts on “The Oxford Exchange

  1. Me too! I had an awesome time with you/me, too!! You are amazing! And I’m thinking that Cappuccino picture looks so foodie! XXXOOO

  2. Sounds like a great meal. I forgot about being able to fry sweet potatoes. I have done it long time ago. MawMaw

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