The Whole 30 Challenge


I love food! There I said, I love to eat. Food and I have a great relationship now that we understand each other. I have done a lot of research on the Paleolithic Lifestyle and I gotta say its the one for me. I have struggled my whole life of a whopping 28 years with my weight. I have tried and failed multiple attempts at loosing weight and “diet’s”, diets just don’t cut it. Lets be real here your on a diet for a short period of time to loose that excess weight ,well what happens when your “diet” is over? You gain it all back right?! Then you try try again on another fad diet and that works until you stop doing that too. What you need is to change is your relationship with the food you are putting in your body! I must say when I was doing Weight Watchers it taught me how to eat and how much I should eat. I did loose 30 pounds then the holidays came and I indulged telling myself it is ok to fall off the wagon for a few days. Well days turned to weeks and weeks to months and although I did not gain all of the weight back I did gain some of it back.

Then it hit me! If you are so miserable with how you look and feel all of the time CHANGE IT!!!! You have a chance to make a difference no one can do it for you. So I started out small with eating better quality food more organic and “clean” and that worked for a little while. Until you guessed it I fell back into my old eating habits. Then one day I was browsing Pinterst and saw “#paleo” and wanted to check this is out. So I started off small a Paleo meal here and there. Then I started doing my research on it and bought a few cookbooks. I had finally found a “diet” that I could easily live on except it wasn’t a diet at all it was a life style change. You put healthy items into your body and get a healthy end result. I find I have more energy I sleep  better, I am able to function and don’t get “hangry” anymore. Basically your eating like a modern caveman, you eat natural or organic items. You do not eat any wheat, dairy, legumes or soy. You get to eat as much as you want until you are full (that is the best part). You eat fruits, protein and vegetables. I am going to start today doing the “The Whole 30” it is a jump start to the Paleo lifestyle, which I have already been doing but want an extra boost of weight loss. You can check it out at

I just finished my morning work out of 20 jumping jacks and 20 crunches and went for a 3o minute walk. Now I will sit down and have a yummy breakfast of coffee with almond milk no sugar of any kind, a banana and a cup of “So delicious” Greek style coconut milk yogurt. I just discovered it and I have  been missing out for sure. I also started eating Almond Milk yogurt it has a wonderfully light nutty flavor. So I have started today off on the right foot and will continue for the next 29 days. I hope to inspire you all to start a journey of your own.

Also come back everyday for updates on my 30 days of progress.


One thought on “The Whole 30 Challenge

  1. I am so proud of you. You looked great the last time I saw you. Keep up he good work. Love you, MawMaw

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