The Whole 30 Challenge Day 4


Well it is day 4 and I still feel amazing, I just want to reiterate that I have no cravings! No sweet cravings no salt cravings nothing. I eat when I am hungry and not just bored hungry. Today is my day off woo hoo. So I did what I always do on my days off, I attempted to sleep in and I made it till about 8:00 am. I am ok with that because it gives me more time to do my other day off routine which is morning workouts. I started today off with 50 jumping jacks and 25 crunches. I skipped arms today because I don’t want to overwork those muscles. Afterwards I took my perfect little pug for a 30 minute walk. Image

Then I hit the kitchen and cooked up a nice little breakfast of 2 slices of bacon and 3 brown eggs.  ImageImage


As you can see I love eggs over easy. When I was a little girl and my mom would cook breakfast on Saturday mornings I would ask for these eggs by calling them “Die egg man”, I came up with that because you stab the egg yolk out. Yes even as a child I had a odd sense of humor. I for the life of me could never figure out how to flip the egg over and not break the yolk. Well over the years with many many fails I have finally figured it out. The trick is bacon grease and a good spatula plus some fancy flip I’ll just keep to myself.

Lets talk about lunch,  I had leftover flank steak that was even better today then it was yesterday with a sweet potato on the side. Sweet and simple. As I mentioned earlier I work a lot and tonight I will be working night shift for some overtime. So my dinner will be very simple. It shall consist of a smoothie, banana and an apple.

I gotta say what I thought would be the hardest thing about doing this 30 day challenge was giving up sweetener in my coffee. I used Splenda for years until I read about those awful side effects. Now I use Stevia in the raw. Well it really wasn’t that hard at all, I am getting to enjoy the flavor off the coffee. Needless to say I will be drinking a lot of coffee tonight.


2 thoughts on “The Whole 30 Challenge Day 4

  1. Jess, you are doing good. If this is what it takes to loose weight and also enjoy the food and have as much as you want more power to you. I love you, Hope you have a good night at work. MawMaw

  2. Seriously. I’ll be moving in for the remaining 26 days, thank you very much. I need you to teach me THE FLIP for overeasy eggs

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