Whole 30 Challenge Day 6


Today was 55 jumping jacks and 10 sit ups followed by my new love a Chocolate Salted Banana smoothie. I had a very busy week coming up so I hit the meat market to pick up some meat to last me a good while. I went ahead and grilled some chicken yesterday when the grill was nice and hot and I will throw some greens into a pan and whip up some dinner. So for lunch I decided to take it easy and threw some kale in the pan with coconut oil and some olive oil and started sauteing. Then cranked the over up to 450 degrees and threw in some bacon wrapped scallops. So I had a nice lite lunch and now I have to find motivation to get going and finish my to do list.

Part of my busy week is one of my good friends birthdays coming up as well as dog sitting for a friend. So today I had to cram everything into one day. It is what I get for working overtime and not planing accordingly. I don’t know how I used to work two jobs and still get stuff done. Don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to a night out and making some extra money. I just didn’t realize this week was here already. So for dinner tonight I will be having my grilled chicken with a side of yellow squash and more kale, I can’t get enough of this stuff! I don’t care for it in a smoothie but sauteed it’s a whole different experience. When I start to grow my own vegetable I think that will be a  vegetable that I will grow to always have on hand. I just have to get myself in gear and get my garden started. There is a long mental list somewhere in my brain of things I need to get done. Someday it will happen.


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