Whole Day 30 Challenge Day 7…stuffed Bellici!


Well today was a big day for me. I had to give a presentation followed by an interview for a training position in front of a panel of my higher ups. Stress does not begin to describe it. I hate talking in front of people.  I did get a good review though. So I am happy about that. If God wants me to get the position I will and if he doesn’t I wont, I am ok with that. Cooking is my passion anyway. So I decided to kick my smoothie up a notch by added some iced coffee into the mix to give me an extra boost this AM. I was pretty impressed with myself. So for my snacks today I had an apple and my lunch meat roll up. For lunch I had my leftover kielbasa and green cabbage. The grilled keilbasa kicked it up a notch for the day after. NOW lets talk dinner….Stuffed Bellici ( I am sure it is spelled wrong). It is meat stuffed with chorizo cooked in tomatoes and red wine all day long. Let me tell you my house smelled wonderful when I came home today. Instead of rice I chose riced cauliflower. YUM-OH!

I used 2 pounds of stuffed bellici

1/2 bottle of red wine

1 whole sweet onion (sauteed)

1 large can of  steamed tomatoes

crock pot on low for 12 hours










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