Whole 30 Challenge Day 9


Today’s exercises consisted of 65 jumping jacks, 20 sit ups, 20 bicep curls, 30 overhead tricep presses and 15 standing chest fly all that followed up by a 1.53 mile walk probably could have walked more if it didn’t feel like it was 100 degrees outside. As I have mentioned before I am not a hot weather girl, granted it was nice to get outside in the sun. Before I went for my walk I decided to put a little bit of food in my stomach but didn’t want anything heavy so I decided on a my lunch meat roll up, which consisted of 1 piece of honey ham 1 piece off honey turkey and 3 pieces of hard salami. This is my go to snack at work since it is pure protein. So after I got home from my ridiculously hot walk I set out to put together a simple lunch. Which consisted of a piece of chicken ( that had been grilled) and a vegetable melody of kale and yellow spinach. It was very filling and yummy. Dinner will consist of kielbasa and braised red cabbage and a sweet potato.

IMG_7304 IMG_7303 IMG_7305

I truly love to cook it is such a relaxing time for me. I run around like a chicken with its head cut off because I never set out everything I need and when making something I haven’t made in a while I run back to my computer to check out the recipe about a dozen times. My favorite part is when my house starts to fill with the smell of whatever I have in the oven, and oh when I am sauteing garlic I go to my happy place. I encourage you to find your happy place while cooking or sitting my living room watching me cook. I ended my day with an amazing meal and my favorite little pug.


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