Whole 30 Challenge Day 10


It’s a strawberry smoothie with bits of cocoa nibs, 3 pieces of bacon and 2 eggs over easy for breakfast today. The nibs totally gave it an extra boost of flavor without overwhelming it with a chocolate flavor. Today’s work out consisted of 70 jumping jacks, 25 sit ups and my arm workouts. Followed up with a nice long walk of 1.10 miles with my amazing little pug, she doesn’t like the heat either so we usually cut out walks short. Then for lunch I felt like keeping it simple with some sauteed kale, 1 small Hass avocado, and 2 rolls of deli meat.

IMG_7316 IMG_7317


I topped of the avocado with a Mexican chili powder that has a kick of lime. It is amazing!! I wasn’t able to eat all of this in one sitting so I am saving some for later on. My eyes were bigger then my stomach when I was fixing this up. That is about as exciting as my food is going to be today. I am house sitting and this is my work weekend so I will be relying on leftovers for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow on the other hand I will have some amazing stew cooking up in the crock-pot all day while I am at work. I love my crock-pot and being that you can make Paleo meals with it makes it even better!!


Strawberry Smoothie

1 cup of almond milk

1/3 cup frozen whole strawberries

1 scoop of protein powder

1 tsp cocoa nibs


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