Whole 30 Challenge Day 13



Day 13 and day 3 of work! What a weekend it was! It really felt like father time was playing a joke on me because time dragged on this weekend. I must tell you how amazing I feeling after 13 straight days of Paleo no cheating. I am waking up with my alarm and not because of my alarm. I am going to sleep and staying asleep. I haven’t slept this good in months. I look forward to going to sleep but hey who doesn’t like sleep? Most people look forward to waking up so they can have their coffee. I love coffee! I have been drinking my Chocolate Cherry Kiss ( chocolate covered cherry). For breakfast today I a coffee strawberry smoothie and an apple. Snacks were 3 pieces of bacon, a banana and some cashews. Lunch was my yummy Paleo stew. Dinner is my new favorite, chicken¬†filet mignon and a simple salad with kalamata olives.


I have so many amazing recipes coming up. I am taking a shot at fruit water! I can’t wait to create some amazing mixtures with my water.


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