Whole 30 Challenge Day 17


YAY it’s Friday! I love the Friday’s when I don’t have to be back to work until Tuesday! I have a jam packed weekend that I am looking forward to. I am so inspired to get in the kitchen and cook something fun up for all of you! This will be short and sweet because I had a very long day. I had a coconut banana pineapple smoothie and iced coffee for breakfast. ( No sugar added in coffee) Snacks were bacon, apple, nectarine and cashews.  Lunch was kale, steak and yellow squash. For dinner I met up with some friends and went to a new Mexican themed resturant called “Lime, Fresh Mexican Food”. I was a good girl and got water to drink and fajitas to eat ( no tortillas).

I hope everyone had a happy friday 🙂


One thought on “Whole 30 Challenge Day 17

  1. Proud of you and hope you had a nice visit with your friends. I had a nice day as I did finish the quilt and will send you a picture. It turned our really nice and is so colorful. Love MawMaw

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