Whole 30 Challenge Day 24


Less than a week to go! I know I can do it. Even though I am very worried about my mom. I can’t let every day stress mess me up! For breakfast today I decided to skip my smoothie and go for real food since I would be by my mom’s side all day. I settled on 1/2 a sweet potato and 2 scrambled eggs. I will be bringing snacks with me today, such as rolled up lunch meat and cashews.

I was finally able to go grocery shopping, cooking really does relieve my stress. I love the sound food makes when it’s cooking and the wonderful smell that fills the house. So since today was another stressful day at the hospital with mom. I wanted something quick and easy to cook while I tried to unwind from the day. Can I just say today would be a wonderful day for some fermented grapes!!

So I grabbed a packed of chicken breast, kale and you guessed it a sweet potato.


I really didn’t want baked chicken again and my cast iron was calling my name. So I threw in some oil and liquid smoke in the pan and let it start talking. I grabbed chicken and topped it with salt, pepper and lawry’s seasoning salt. That is it. Put the chicken in the pan and cooked one side for 6 mins without touching it. Flipped it over and let it cook a little longer, I did have to add more olive oil but not to much. Meanwhile I pre heated oven to 450 degrees and cut my sweet potato in half, placed them on a pan and cooked for about 30  minutes. After the chicken was done I sauteed the kale in olive oil till it became soft.


Cast Iron Chicken





3 thoughts on “Whole 30 Challenge Day 24

  1. The chicken sure looked good. I would never have thought to cut the sweet potato into before cooking in the oven. What a smart girl. I think I have an extra cast iron skillet at the trailer. If I do, do you want it? I will get it next time I am there. MawMaw

    • The chicken was so good! Yeah it cuts the cooking time in half when you cut the sweet potato. I am sure you could do the same with a white potato. I would love that, thanks.

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