Whole 30 Challenge Day 27


Most people say TGIF, this week I am saying TGIS, thank God it’s Sunday. What a week this has been, with my mom in the hospital and all the stress that goes along with that. She is still in the hospital and I haven’t left her side. This morning was tough getting started, I wasn’t feeling good with over stressing and all. I decided to make 1 scrambled egg and take a smoothie with me to hospital since I wasn’t going to venture with their food. I ended up snacking on cashews. For dinner I came home and made up some simple hamburgers and cooked them on my cast iron with a sweet potato in the oven. 3 more days to go!


One thought on “Whole 30 Challenge Day 27

  1. Dear Jess,
    I pray your week will be much better this week. I know I made your week worse, but wont do that this week. Maybe this week will be better and you can get back into your routine. Maybe this will be the week your mother will be well again as this is my prayer. Love MawMaw

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