Was Julia Child Paleo before it was cool?

Julia Child Fresh

When I found this it brought a smile to my face. I try my very best to make my food from fresh ingredients, it truly is the only way to cook. I try to make recipes that the everyday person can replicate. You don’t have to be fancy with everything you make. I just think you should put love into everything you make. I had this manager who used to say that the reason my moms pound cake tasted so good was because she put her feet into into it. What he meant was she put all of herself into making her dishes. Anyone who has had my moms “Million Dollar Pound Cake” will agree.

Using only the best fresh ingredients can be fun to play around with. Since changing what goes into my body I find myself craving fresh ingredients over the processed ones.  I urge everyone to try to go as natural as possible. You will find yourself craving natural over processed. As I said I like to make easy recipes for the everyday cook. It can be hard at times when you have 10 different items to make up one simple dish. To me it is an art form and I am holding the paint brush on a blank white canvas. As the artist I take what I have an create something amazing.

I believe she was onto something with this one! I can’t help but to agree!

Fat Flavor

I may have a slight Julia child addiction. I have the up most respect for Julia Child, she is by far one of the top chefs in my book. I am not going to lie when I finally took the time to watch the movie “Julie and Julia” I fell in love. It got my creative juices flowing and I fell back in love with cooking. That is not the reason I started this blog though after watching the movie I thought how neat would that be to cook your way through that cookbook? Perhaps once I find the time to cook everyday I will find my own cookbook to cook my way through. And hey maybe it will my own cookbook that I will cook my way through.

Diet food…psh no need for that word around here.

Diet Food

To me all of these quotes fall into a very Paleo way of thinking….do you agree?


13 thoughts on “Was Julia Child Paleo before it was cool?

  1. I loved that movie, too! And I’ve often thought of cooking my way through a cookbook, but for me it would be BAKE my way through a cookbook. Oh, the pies! The cakes! The tarts! Sigh….I have an addiction. Ok, just stopping by to say LURV THE POST!

  2. This is what the doctor says about fat. It causes cholesterol problems, heart disease, kidney problems and all sorts of bad things, but yes it does makes food taste better. I don’t eat fat and still have cholesterol problems so maybe it is not the answer either.

    • @Maw Maw- That is what the world would have you believe, not all fats are bad. Animal fats are good for your body. This is what our ancestors lived on. Good fat helps give you energy and actually helps break down other fats. Animal fats elevate HDL cholesterol levels, and increasing LDL particle size, making them less atherogenic. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat! Eating more fat won’t make you fat! For at least 4 decades, nutrition and health surveys show that Americans have gradually decreased their fat intake by choosing low-fat products, avoiding red meat and butter and replacing their fat with more carbohydrates, mainly from grains and sugars.

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