Florida Estates Winery


Today my mom and I celebrated a belated Mother’s Day by going to a local winery. Florida Estates Winery located at:

25241 State Road 52 

Land O’ Lakes 

Florida 34639

We had a nice time trying local wines that were different then your everyday reds and whites. We also got to learn a little bit about the wine making process. Over all it was just a cute little place.  I had two wines that were of the red family that I really liked.

Wine Tasting

Plantation Blush

Our own Florida version of the ever-popular California White Zinfandel. Not sweet, but fruity. Well balanced with crisp acidity and a nice clean finish and mouth feel.

Plantation Spice

A very special wine for people who love sweet wine. Very rich with wild cherry and exotic spicy flavors. Absolutely wonderful with chocolate.

The second one was served with some chocolate morsels and then took a sip of the wine and it was amazing and tasted like chocolate covered cherries. It was amazing.

I suggest  if your in the Florida area and want a comfy little place to relax to swing by and check this place out.




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