No Body Snark Full Length Photo Challenge from Unbrave Girl

No Body Snark Full Length Photo Challenge from Unbrave Girl

I was recommended to check out and read up on her full length photo challenge. Well I did and I felt like I found a kindred spirit. She calls it “body snarking” when you are constantly picking out things about your self you hate. She also admitted to not posting full length photos on line. Sadly I fall into this category too! I hate full length photos of myself. Yes even though I am avidly making changes. That fat girl inside me still says you look awful, even though I know I look great! SO since reading her blog and I got inspired to take and post a full length photo. I am taking up her challenge! Thanks Unbrave Girl for making me brave!


19 thoughts on “No Body Snark Full Length Photo Challenge from Unbrave Girl

  1. Oh my, this makes you look much slimmer. You look great. You may take a little bit after me as I find the stomach and butt area the hardest to get off, but I can’t exercise because of several reasons and I think that is why I have so much difficulty. Keep up the good work as you will soon be the slimmest one of all of us. Love you, MawMaw

    • Thank you, I have always been told I have a great smile. It is almost my trade mark. I have been telling that voice to shut up for years and not until recently has the voice actually stopped. 🙂

    • Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it and participated as well. It was a difficult challenge I NEVER put full body pictures up, because like Unbrave Girl says she picks out all that is bad. After reading her post I decided to shut my own self up and do it, and I am glad I did. Thank you VERY MUCH 🙂

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