Kielbasa and Yellow Squash

Yellow Summer SquashYellow Summer SquashKielbasa and Yellow Summer Squash

3 large yellow squash

1 package of smoked Kielbasa

3 tbs of bacon grease or fat of choice

salt to taste

                                                             Dice up the squash and saute the squash until soft.

Chop up the sausage and throw in about half way through.

Yellow Summer Squash

Let everything speak to each other; stir often and cook until the squash has started to get some color and caramelize.  Salt to taste.

Yellow Summer Squash


8 thoughts on “Kielbasa and Yellow Squash

  1. Ok, now I am getting my bath and getting dressed to go down to the grocery store to get this because I love both squash and the kielbasa. You said to let them speak to each other and I will but this reminds me of an episode of the Gilmore Girls. Lorelei is discussing how the pepperoni on the pizza was getting all high and mighty with the mushrooms and she was forced to take sides. So we will see how this goes, I might have to help out the squash since it is the milder of the two.

  2. You inspired me to do two things. I got a machine similar to your Ninja to make smoothies and I joined a gym to workout. I joined YouFit and it is very inexpensive and I am really enjoying it. Any other workouts you are doing I would love to hear about. My main thing is still the walking each day.

  3. Man, I made that squash/kielbasa recipe and it is so good. I never thought to put the two together but it will become a regular dish around here now.

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