Salted Cinnamon Iced Coffee


  Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee? If you don’t then you are wrong VERY VERY wrong. Ok rant over but seriously how can you go without amazing caffeine? I can’t get enough of this sweet nectar of the God’s. Since starting down the Paleo path and removing dairy from my diet I thought my coffee would never be the same.

Iced Coffee


I  couldn’t have been more wrong, I use almond milk now and I like it just the  same as half & half.  Well the other day I came across a coffee article talking about putting spices into your ground coffee and making a pot as usual. Well I figured I would get a little creative and ground up enough coffee for a whole pot. Then my brain got a little creative and I added 2 tbls of cinnamon and a generous pinch of salt on top of my ground coffee and pressed start. When I tell you nothing but amazing-ness happened I do not tell a lie. Now I like to drink my coffee iced but this will also be wonderful fresh out of the pot.  This will make a pot of coffee but you can always cut it down to make only one cup at a time.

     Salted Cinnamon Iced Coffee

         1 generous pinch of salt

         2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon

         fresh ground coffee


Fill up your coffee filter with fresh ground coffee then top with cinnamon and salt. Fill up coffee pot with water and press start to let the magic happen. To make it iced take coffee pot and set on counter to let cool. Then place it in pitcher and place in fridge over night. Serve however you like your coffee. I prefer mine with one packet of stevia and some almond milk.



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