Progress is development towards an improved or more advanced condition. Progress is not always easily noted when you are the one critiquing yourself, I know this because people tell me all the time how good I look and how much weight I have lost. I still see myself at a weight I never actually was at all. I have a come a long way and it’s hard to say that out loud and mean it. I realized it tonight when I looked at this photo. I have a come a long way in even a short period of time since the photo on the left was taken on June 30th. I am told daily how great I look and I didn’t believe even when my clothes started feeling different in a good way of course. What I am trying to say it even if you only loose a few inches or even 1/2 a pound be damn proud of that tiny progress, I can promise there will be more to come. Any progress is progress, don’t listen to that negative voice in your head. You are special and amazing. Take life’s smallest achievements and make them something special if only to you. I made a dramatic life change going Paleo but I couldn’t be more happy with that choice. I have only been doing it since February and look how far I have already come. I look forward to 1 years time from now.


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