Well it’s been a while since I shared some food from my plate with ya’ll. I have been so busy letting life get in the way. I haven’t been 100% Paleo lately and boy did my  body tell me right away that it was so upset with me! When you read how certain types of food cause bloating and that dairy causes allergies BELIEVE IT! I made the mistake of saying oh it’s my birthday so it’s ok for me to have this cupcake followed up by more and more birthday cake over the course of a week! My allergies were out of control I was bloated, I couldn’t sleep and to top it off I had to energy to attempt to exercise it off. Then I realized how careless with my body had been. I am not saying that it wasn’t ok for me to “cheat” but I fell into my old habits. I have worked to hard to slip down that sugary chocolaty slope again. Thankfully I have set myself onto the right course again. 

So in an attempt to counteract all of this I decided to start running. Running is so much fun and relaxing. I am by no means running very fast at all but I am running and that’s what counts. I have a friend whom I run/jog with and that really helps me to keep going. We have even decided to try our first 5k (3.5 miles), needless to say we are a little scared and so very excited! I am excited anyway, it seems that 5k’s are the thing to do now. I want to be healthy and fit and I am back on track and hope to continue coming up with some yummy treats for ya’ll. 

There are so many recipes floating around in my head so keep coming back and checking them out. Image


2 thoughts on “PSA

  1. I am so excited to see your new articles. I am also interested in your running so I hope that you keep your public up with your progress on this.

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