Egg Muffins

I have been so busy lately I let life get away from me. My eating has been all over the place…this is usually what happens when I tell myself “I don’t have enough time to: (insert excuse).” Truth is it doesn’t take much time nor effort to cook yourself or your family a healthy filling meal. I have been training for a 5k and find my metabolism speeding up and me getting hungrier and reaching for processed food that I know isn’t good for me. “It’s so easy…you’ll get back on track tomorrow” these are the lies I tell myself. I finally had enough (again) with the lies I am telling myself, so I am trying to get back into the habit of having heathy options to grab as I run out of door to work or errands for that day. So I recently re-discovered egg muffins. What are egg muffins you ask? Pretty self explanatory…you get a muffin tin and your choice of ingriedients mix them all together and bake in the oven…once done they form into…you guessed it!! EGG MUFFINS! They are easy to make and can have ANYTHING you fancy in them. This recipe is fun because you can do what ever you want to these eggs, would also be fun to have kids do some of the work.

 Egg Muffins

For this recipe I am making a small batch but you can make a larger batch to your choosing.

What you’ll need:

Muffin Tin

Cooking Spray

6-8 eggs; you can sub whole eggs for just whites but you will need to almost double them

Block cheese: shredded to measure about 1/3 cup

1/2 cup diced ham

roughly 1 cup of sauteed kale

salt and pepper; to taste

1 large glass bowl

Egg Muffins


Saute Kale, do not add salt at this time.

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.

Break up eggs and whisk, add ingredients and stir.

Try to fill a bout halfway, if you overfill you’ll just have a bigger muffin and a slight mess.

Bake on 375 for 20 minutes or until tops start to brown.

When they come out they will be puffy and as they cool they will deflate…this is ok 🙂

Egg Muffins

Let cool and remove from muffin tin.

I suggest re heating in microwave for no more then 1 minute.

 Egg Muffins


6 thoughts on “Egg Muffins

  1. I love it. This is such a great idea. It will taste good and be healthy and quick. Please tell more about your training for the 5k as that is very interesting.

  2. I just read about a lady that 86 years old and ran the New York marathon. She fell and hit her head but completed the race. She died by the next day. I think that she did what she wanted and lived a very good life and died the way she wanted to, she had said that she wanted to die running. No nursing homes for her, she ran to the last. What an inspiration.

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