Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic 5k/10k

As you all know I have been training for a 5k, I am proud to announce that I have completed my goal. I finished my first 5k!


I did not run the entire thing, but I jogged what I could. I am just proud to say I met a short term goal of mine, a long term goal is to do a half marathon then a full marathon. Those are very long term goals. I must say the whole experience of the 5k was amazing. I did it with a good friend of mine, who I have been training with. I found the best part of this race was after you cross the finish line they call your name out and someone is there to hand you your finish medal!


I am looking forward to the next two we have planned, yes we already have two more on the books! My next goal is to run/jog one of the next to coming up. It’s very difficult to tell your body to run, you’d think that you would just be able to put your running shoes on and go, feet to pavement and run. I am here to tell you it’s not that easy at all, you actually have to train your brain and your body to move, you also need to listen to your body when it starts to hurt. Your body has to re learn to run, when you’re a kid you can run for days at a time….not so much as an adult whose job requires sitting for 12 hours! Thankfully the more repetition I have the more my body gets used to the idea of running.


It’s also very important to manage the food that goes into your body before and after you exercise, it’s important to refuel within 20 minutes of working out for more then 30 minutes. It’s best to have a healthy protein or carb to re build the muscle mass you lost during exercise. I like to keep bananas on hand when on the go exercise, any handful of nuts or meat will work great too. I don’t generally eat before my workout because I am trying to burn fat, which you will do within the first 30 minutes of any workout. If you keep your heart rate up as well you will be burning calories well after your workout.


I am ready for my next one!


2 thoughts on “Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic 5k/10k

  1. Yay, Jessica. I just got home from my trip to Arizona so I haven’t been at my computer until now. This is such exciting news and I wish I had been there to watch you in your first race. Maybe I can be there to see your second one. Have a Happy New Year.

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