Whole30 Week 2

Good morning and welcome to the conclusion of week 2. This week should have still be a small struggle but on the positive you should have started to notice you’re sleeping better and waking up refreshed. Though if you’re anything like me you still needed your morning cup of coffee. I need mine to get through my grueling 12 hour shifts and remain pleasant. I gotta say not having sweetener and cream in my coffee was tough at first but once I discovered Bullet Proof Coffee and got used to tasting the actual flavor of the coffee it made all the difference in the world. So I stated in my post last week I’m a shift worker. It took a while to get used to working 12 hour shifts and not having normal break times and/or schedule. My weeks usually look like this: 4 days on 3 days off and then they flip and I’m on 3 days and off 4 days;those are my favorite; and usually on both of those weeks I’m picking up extra shifts. So needless to say I’m a busy girl! Well this past week was my off 4 days and I worked overtime 2 of those days on an opposite night shift, boy does that throw off my sleep pattern. Anyway this last week felt like a week from hell…everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. For example when my roommate and I got locked out of the house when she came outside with me to help me take pictures for this weeks Whole30 recipes. Then my kitchen sink faucet broke while the water was on…and you’d think that you could just turn the water off under the sink..NOPE think again, my house was built in 1940, so plumbing not up to date! I had to turn the water off at the street while my roommate was sleeping because she works nights. SO needless to say it was a tragic time at 830 at night when I should have been getting ready for bed to get up at 430 the next day for work! I had to rig the sink so it didn’t run all night long and turned the water back on. My amazing mom came to the rescue the next day and bought me a faucet while I was at work and had my dad install it. There were a few other little things but those little things can throw you completely off your game! So after all of the drama of this week, I only have 2 Whole30 featured recipes to share, but they are amazing none the less.

Here is a quick run down of my week:

Breakfast: almond butter and apples; paleo cereal and bullet proof coffee.
Lunches/Dinners: grilled chicken and brussells sprouts; Dino Ribs *featured*; BLT salad; Chicken BLT *featured*; grilled chicken and plantain fries; and the most amazing Paleo shrimp scampi ( not pictured because it didn’t last long enough on the plate) I’ll have a recipe in the coming month for you all. As I said I had a pretty busy week and didn’t take to much time to cook.


I can promise you this coming week will have more recipes 🙂

I feel like I need a side note to describe BulletProof Coffee, if you live in the Paleo-verse like I do then I’m sure you’ve heard the name thrown around here and there but do you really know what it is? Well I suggest checking out the official creator here: BulletProof as far as I’m concerned I don’t think I’ll ever go back to normal coffee again. The basics are: coffee, grass fed butter, MCT or Coconut Oil and a blender, that’s all! There is no buttery taste just a coffee that looks like you added your favorite creamer. You could add your own flavor to it , completely up to you, you could also add sweetener but then it’s not Whole30.

Now for the good parts:

Paleo “Dino” Ribs

Paleo Dino Ribs

2 racks of beef ribs

apple wood smoked rub ( I used a gluten free  rub from Pampered Chef)

2 tbls of coconut oil

Paleo BBQ sauce, I used homemade but am still working out the recipe

Paleo Dino Ribs

Pre Heat oven to 250 degrees.

Coat the ribs in the coconut oil then liberally sprinkle the rub over the ribs top and  bottom and rub it in making sure every part is coated.

Grab a large baking sheet and double wrap your ribs in tin foil making sure you create a tight seal.

Cook low and slow for up to 4 hours, I checked mine at 3 1/2 hours and they were already falling off  the bones. So cooking time will depend on your oven.

At this point turn on the broiler to high and unwrap the ribs and place them under broiler for about 7 minutes to get that crunchy exterior.

Then remove from oven, let cool slightly and devour or coat in your favorite BBQ sauce and devour.

Paleo Dino Ribs

Salami Chicken Club

Chicken Salami Club

2 very green plantains

6 tbls coconut oil

2 small chicken breast or 1 large cut in half

salt and pepper

2 tbls roasted garlic mayo

2 garlic pickles

2 slices of tomato

2 slices of salami

2 pieces of butter lettuce


Heat a grill to medium high heat and grill chicken 7 minutes each side then let rest.

Start out by heating up the coconut oil in a pan until smoking and hot.

While the oil is getting hot peel your plantains and cut in half.

Cook the plantains until golden brown on all sides. Remove and smash between to cutting boards, then fry them again.

To assemble:

Spread the garlic mayo on both sides of the “bread” , place the salami, tomato, chicken, lettuce and pickle down then top with other half of the plantain and enjoy.

Chicken Salami Club

The beef ribs make you feel like you’re back in the cavemen days eating whatever giant animal you just slayed and cooked over an open flame because the ribs are so large. Hence the name Dino ribs 🙂 They really were fall off the bone tender. I prefer them over pork ribs honestly. As I have noted on several recent post I can’t get enough plantains in my life, I use these as a bread substitute all the time. The key is really getting them crispy enough to withstand whatever you put between them. They typically suck up the juices which makes them even better! I hope you all have an amazing weekend 🙂

Whole30 Week 2


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